8 months

Let me tell you I am one busy mama.  Whoever said it would get easier lied.  The only salvation is that she started to sleep through the night with one feed here and there.  She loves crawling into tight spaces, like underneath coffee table or the bottom shelf of our changing table or her activity table.  She also learned it is fun to push said table or bar stools or ironing board.  She isn’t that picky really.  She is vocal and it goes from a very serious non-stop babbling to high pitch screaming to a scary growling noises.  She even imitates certain words on a good day.  She repeated “Rupert” (our dog’s name) and “bird” the other day.  Speaking of Rupert, she loves that dog more than anything.  Every morning,  after finishing her feeding, she crawls to the edge of the bed to say hi to him.  I wish I made her this excited   .  You should see her happy grin and hear those adorable squeals of joy when she sees him.  The dog is a trooper and takes all of the explorations of little hands and her crawling all over him. I think she was a bulldozer in her previous life, because she doesn’t have a concept of going around.  She just bulldoze over things. 

She went on her first real hike.  That was amazing!  How do I describe how much I love the nature and being in the woods or enjoying the way clouds reflect in the lake?  I missed it incredibly.  

She got to meet the rest of her Dad’s family: two great uncles, great aunt and a cousin once removed.  It was a great family gathering at our house and I keep my fingers crossed it would be the same on Christmas, since we are hosting this year.  

What else? Hm, I’ve deleted my Facebook.  How’s that for a news?

Oh, and we still only have 2 bottom teeths.  

Making a baby tag blanket 

Thanks to Cassie from Backtoherroots.com and her very easy tutorial on how to make a baby tag blanket I was able to create something personal for my daughter. Not only I finished a project, which is a big thing for me, and, AND I was happy with the results (which is even a bigger thing) I now can make little gifts for friends as well, which I did 😁 


Want to make one?

Go to Tag Blanket Tutorial 

Thanks Cassie! 

7 months 

Once our little munchkin breath, that’s her dad’s loving way to call her, learned how to crawl what little of me time I had turned into no me time in no time. 

She begun to pull herself up into a standing position at 6,5m and now at 7m she tries to let go of her hands. Someone will be walking in no time. 

We went on our first family road trip and barely missed a big storm. We caught a side of it and drove next to it for a while. It was quite scary in its majesty. Purple clouds at dusk, wet road looked bloody, crazy lightning and strong winds made me worried for our safety, especially when cars in front of us would suddenly disappear. 

Baby girl loved the beach. Surprisingly, she didn’t try to eat the sand. She set on her cute butt and let the sand go through her fingers. She squealed in delight as she made sand angles with her legs. Our hearts were full. 

She didn’t even make a sound during a wedding ceremony we went to.  I was wearing her and she was just looking around. We survived 3 hours of the event juggling her between me and my husband but she did great. 

We took her to the aquarium for the first time. She liked the fountain outside more than fish we saw. Figures. 

After months and months of the temperatures being above 100F we tried to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying cooler weather. Luckily, we were able to make another trip to the beach and take some pictures of her. 

This one is my favorite: 

6 months 

She did her first real crawl one day before she turned 6m old. I was getting ready and my husband was playing with her on a floor when she just started moving across the room towards our dog. She is on the go now, discovering more and more things around her. Touching different textures, figuring out little things. What an amazing time it must be when everything is so brand new and mistirious.

 I just can’t get enough of her. 

I also think our upper teeth are pushing through. It’s just so crazy to think that recently the only way I could nurse her was with the help of a nursing pillow. Now she is getting too big to hold.

 We lowered her crib this morning because she is already showing signs of wanting to lift herself up and, believe it or not, she can support her own weight with no problem for longer periods of time. She will be walking before we know it. 

Such a precious time. Makes my heart full. 

Speaking of teeth 

We got two bottom ones! First the front right one showed up and a day in a half later his neighbor popped through. 

Today, she has been acting like she is teething again. Can it be that her upper teeth are preparing to make an appearance? 

 I am not sure I am ready for my little Langolier. 

Mouth hygiene 

Brushing teeth is easy. 

Even a baby can do it. 

1. You pick up a brush

2. You brush your upper teeth

3. You brush your bottom teeth

4. All done. Can I have a cookie now? 

Ma-ma vs Da-da

  My dear five months old daughter makes “Ma-Ma-Ma” sounds when she is deeply upset.  They come out only with her cries.  But the “Da-Da-Da” sounds appear when she is pretty content laying there playing by herself or… pooping.  

Yup.  I guess it sums it up pretty good.  The word mama is born from the lovely things like pain, distress, hunger and deep dissatisfaction, while the word dad is made from a happy state of mind. 

Go figure!

Hotel life